Jessie Sahota Bio

Edmonton is a fantastic city that I have come to love and appreciate year-round. Growing up in North Edmonton, I have to admit that the intense winters always have, and still do, catch me by surprise! As I grew up and the city simultaneously expanded, I've found that we have collectively done a great job at adapting together! Countless festivals, world-class restaurants, professional sports teams and the new entertainment districts that have popped up in recent years somehow can make you forget the dropping mercury level and instead leave you feeling warm and cozy in a city of a million! There is a reason why so many people flock here to call this home and why people like myself are so proud to be here still. 

I am a proud graduate of Ross Sheppard High School and Grant MacEwan University, where I obtained a BComm Management Degree. Throughout university, I worked in the Financial Industry and then transitioned into the Automobile Industry shortly thereafter. Having completed a few construction projects, and building Residential Homes with my own company, I have always harboured a deep love for the Real Estate Industry. Wanting to pursue this love and curiosity further, I decided to put my experience and skills to use as a full-time Real Estate agent.

I love spending time with my friends and family. Summer is my favourite time of the year going out to Sylvan Lake, tossing a football around, and BBQs are my favourite things to do during our beautiful summers! My other hobbies include working out, playing hockey, attending sports events, golfing and relaxing at home watching movies or TV shows with my wife.

I also have a passion for travelling and would like to travel all over the world, learning about history and different cultures. My favourite place that I have visited so far has to be Venice, Italy! The beautiful architecture and intricate canals throughout the city are simply unforgettable!

Today, I no longer dream of being someplace else; I'm fully present and grateful to be exactly where I am, in Edmonton. My whole family has now immigrated to Edmonton and we all live within a 10-minute walk from each other; I am living my dream! If you have a dream, I would love to hear about it, and I am excited to know how I can help you achieve it.